3 Benefits Of Teaching Your Dog To "Down-Stay"


Why teach your dog to perform a “down-stay”?

  1. It's a great impulse control exercise.⁣

  2. It could be an alternative to undesirable behaviors we experience. ⁣

  3. It provides the foundations for further "relaxation" & "mat work".⁣

The biggest road block our clients encounter while teaching it: ⁣

▪️Progress too fast. ⁣

⁣It comes natural to us to want to move onto the next level of difficulty, however, we need to make sure that we have a systematic approach to training & measuring our progress accordingly. ⁣

Add the 3 "D-s" accordingly (Distance, Duration & Distraction) only when you are getting consistent positive results. ⁣

Happy training! ⁣