3 Tips For Successful Puppy Socialization

puppy socialization tips 1.jpg

Most of the clients I meet are aware of the importance of the puppy socialization period.

This is great news, because if done properly, early positive exposure to a variety of stimuli and environments will help with the following:

  1. Your puppy will adjust socially in a human society.

  2. Your puppy will build his confidence while out and about.

  3. Teach your dog to play and interact appropriately with other dogs, animals and people.

puppy sosialization .jpg

Here are a few tips on successful socialization practices:

  • Make sure all interactions are done in a positive manner. Pair new experiences with treats in order to create positive associations with the environment.

  • If you observe signs of stress in your puppy, such as crouching, ears pulled back, yawning, paw lifts, etc remove your puppy from the scary situation. Once you’ve created some space, give your puppy a few delicious treats before moving on with your day.

  • Give your puppy the opportunity to choose whether to interact with other people and dogs. Ask the friendly stranger to invite your puppy over to them, if the puppy approaches, great! If the puppy seems uncomfortable, apologize to the stranger and move on.

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