Dog Body Language (Mouth: Yawns)

Canine Body Language Family Pupz Denver

Yawns are some of the most common communication signals dog owners observe in their dogs.

However, dogs yawn in different situations & for different reasons.

Here are a few examples:

1) Your dog is tired (duh)
2) Your dog is slightly stressed when asked to perform a behavior (you ask your dog for a down/stay, and she does it, but yawns at the same time) 
3) Your dog is trying to calm down another dog acting impolitely (often accompanied by your dog looking away from the overexcited dog as well) 
4) Your dog is uncomfortable because you/your child/a stranger is way too close (hugging the dog is a common example)

Next time you’re out with your dog, pay attention to your dog’s yawns. This will help you determine your dog's inner state and help them feel more comfortable if it’s a stress-related yawn.