How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up On People


Many of our clients struggle with the fact that their dogs jump up to greet them and others. ⁣

This is a normal puppy behavior and it all starts with a lot of excitement. ⁣

⁣However, this cute puppy behavior quickly grows into a potentially dangerous (if greeting kids or elderly people) big dog unwanted behavior. ⁣

⁣How do we fix that?? ⁣

✅ We teach our dogs an alternative behavior!⁣

  1. First we have to decide what we want to see instead -- is it "sit" to greet, maybe "down" to greet, or even a "nose to palm touch"? ⁣

  2. Once we've decided on the alternative behavior, we remove all of the attention (the reinforcement, the thing that the dog wants) from the occasion and instead reinforce the sit, the down etc. ⁣

Training tip: make sure that your dog already knows how to perform the chosen behavior before practicing in real life and in more challenging situations.