Puppy Feeding Tip For New Owners

Ditch the food bowl puppy training family pupz denver

A great and alternative way to feed your puppy her daily meal is to ask her for behaviors and reward her with her kibble every time she is successful.

Also, reward your puppy for doing things you like, such as relaxing on her bed, checking in with you (making eye contact), coming when you call her, etc.

This will give you hundreds of opportunities a day to reward the behaviors you like and help your puppy form the habits that will make your life together easy and enjoyable

Another great way to feed your puppy is using food dispensing toys!

Working for her meals provides your pup with much needed mental & physical stimulation!

Even better, your puppy will be occupied for quite a while, preventing her from developing unwanted behaviors such a chewing on your furniture, boredom barking and even separation anxiety!

There are countless food toys & puzzles on the market from Kongs, Wobblers, Licki Mats to Snuffle Mats and many more! Here is a link to our “Toys! Toys! Toys!” article for the toys and food puzzles we love and recommend.

Rotating the different ways your puppy can work for her food will help you build a strong relationship with your dog and make her days busy and fun!

Give it a try!

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