Teach Your Dog To Walk Nicely On Leash

Teach Your Dog To Walk Nicely On Leash


Is your dog pulling you around when you are just trying to have a pleasant walk outside?

We can help spare your arms and your dog’s trachea!

What this class covers:

  • We’ll explore the reasons behind why dogs pull on leash.

  • We’ll go over the equipment needed while training your dog to walk on a loose leash.

  • You’ll learn & practice a variety of exercises that will help your dog focus on you instead of the things in the environment.

  • You’ll learn the basics of loose leash walking.

  • You’ll learn how to incorporate the training in real life.

  • You’ll receive a follow-up email with written notes & handouts you can practice with.

Give yourself and your dog the gift of bonding & walking nicely together outside!

The class will be held in Commons Park.

Address: Commons Park, 2101 15th St, Denver, CO 80202

How to find us:

We'll be in the "dog park" area in the middle of the big field. If coming from the Highlands, it would be just off the Highland Bridge. You can also enter through Bassett Circle and Little Raven Street.

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