Dog Training & Support For Families With A Toddler

Your baby is changing fast... Is your dog prepared?

It’s incredible to experience the joy from seeing your baby crawl, sit up and walk for the first time. However, this period of constant change and unpredictability can be challenging for the family dog. Planning and preparing for each new developmental stage throughout the first few years of your child’s life will ensure a safe & fulfilling life for everyone in the family, especially your dog.

How we can help through every stage along the way:

  • Assess your dog’s behavior. This will help us create a training plan in order to modify any unwanted behaviors.

  • Help your dog adjust to every stage of your child’s early development by creating an effective management plan.

  • Learn about dog body language. This part is essential in order to prevent any accidents from happening.

  • Teach/refresh your dog’s ability to respond to basic obedience commands: place, sit, down, look, touch, leave it, find it, off, etc. The more skills your dog has, the more options you can give him/her to succeed in times of stress.

  • Dog & toddler safety. Learn how to include your dog in the ever-changing family dynamic and how to keep your child and dog happy and safe at the same time.

  • Learn how to incorporate “Success Stations” in your home. We’ll help you create designated spots where your dog can rest, undisturbed, yet gently restrained in an area he/she feels comfortable, so he/she has no option but to succeed.

  • Learn about the different types of supervision and the importance of awake and active supervision. We’ll help you prepare for different situations with practical tips and ideas.

  • Setting up boundaries for success. It’s important to decide what home rules you would like to establish and we’ll help you practically implement them by training your dog.

  • Become aware of “grumble” & “growl” zones in your home. We’ll focus on creating space for your dog and managing that space, especially when your dog is in possession of something of a high value (i.e. a delicious bone), making sure he/she always has an escape route in order to avoid conflict situations.

  • Safety tips for stroller time with your dog and baby. We’ll work on loose leash walking, if necessary, to ensure everyone’s safety while out and about.

  • Fun family activities with your dog. You’ll discover new ways of incorporating training as a part of fun family/dog bonding time. We have a great list of dog/toddler friendly games.

  • We’ll provide practical ideas for environmental enrichment for your dog.

  • We know that parenting a toddler could get exhausting, so we can help by providing a quality local service list in order to ease your daily schedule.

Discuss dog & toddler safety.

Discuss dog & toddler safety.

Learn about dog body language.

Learn about dog body language.

Become aware of “grumble” & “growl” zones in your home.

Become aware of “grumble” & “growl” zones in your home.

Our Rates & Packages

Initial Consult: $125/90min

During this visit we’ll learn more about your dog, dog/toddler dynamics, your goals and prepare a personalized training & support plan that best suits your family’s needs.

Subsequent sessions (a la carte): $100/60min

We’ll work on the training plan and cover the most essential dog/toddler information. After each session you’ll receive fun homework exercises & handouts supplemented by the Family Paws Parent Education Program.

Training Packages

A package is the best way to accomplish your goals. Here are our options:

  • 3 Sessions: $285

  • 6 Sessions: $540

  • 9 Sessions: $810

Check out this video from Family Paws Parent Education for more information: