Family Paws Parents Education Programs

Group Presentation: 90min/$50 per couple Private Workshop: 90min/$150  

Dogs & Toddlers™ Program

Dogs & Storks® Program

Dogs & Toddlers™  is an International program that helps prepare families with dogs adjust to life with toddler during every stage of their child’s early development. We offer insights, practical and fun solutions to challenges that often arise in families with dogs and as baby becomes mobile. Dogs & Toddlers™ lays the foundations for successful dog and child relationship through management strategies that allow families to achieve safe and positive interactions for all involved. We will help address the concerns of parents, decrease the stress associated with living with a dog and an active toddler, and increase the safety of all family members, both human and canine.

Dogs & Storks® is an international program that helps expecting families with dogs prepare for life with baby. Our goal is to set your family up for success before baby arrives. The program offers positive, practical, and fun solutions to challenges that often arise when a family with a dog adds a new baby to the household. Based on real life experience, it lays the foundations for safe and rewarding dog and baby relationship by providing the important information expecting families need. Dogs & Storks® offers tools and support during pregnancy to help address concerns new parents often have about the family dog. This unique program is designed to decrease stress for new parents while increasing the safety and success of the dog-baby relationship.

What the program covers?

  • Answers to your questions about babies and safety;

  • Must-know information for expecting parents with dogs;

  • Practical solutions, from do-it-yourself techniques to hands-on help;

  • Thorough preparation, because prevention is the best cure;

  • Setting up your home environment for success and safety;

  • The importance of including family dogs from the start in a safe way;

  • The subtle body language of dogs;

  • Preparing for introductions and beyond;

  • New and fun ways to include your dog in daily activities.

Programs suitable for:

  • Expectant Parents

  • Parents of children up to 3 y/o

  • Adoptive Parents

  • Childbirth Professionals

  • Amongst Others

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