Our “Walk & Train” Service

Our new “Walk & Train” service is offered exclusively to our clients who have purchased a training package and are still currently working with our trainer. This service is designed to supplement our training program by providing the necessary hours of consistent practice our furry clients need, but for one reason or another, they are unable to get, due to a client’s busy workweek/schedule, travel, guests, etc.

This service was created to ensure that our furry clients stay on track and are able to achieve the objectives of each individualized training plan in a timely manner.

Benefits Of Our “Walk & Train” Service:

Recall Skills Dog Training Denver Family Pupz


Mental stimulation & physical exercise are absolutely essential for a dog’s well-being. Therefore, our goal is to provide a fun and stimulating experience for our dogs while their humans are at work, out of town, etc. This also ensures that numerous behavioral issues largely stemming from a lack of exercise is kept at a minimum. When we are done with the session, we can leave your dog with a stuffed Kong and/or any other favorite interactive toy to ensure they are well occupied after they are left alone.

polite greetings dog training Denver family pupz


During our “walk & train” sessions, we’ll practice the behaviors and cues we are working on for the week. We’ll also implement and reinforce all the other cues and behaviors we have already worked on. We’ll practice basic manners, loose leash walking, recalls, polite greetings when meeting other people or dogs, socialization and anything else your dog needs.



Our “walk & train” sessions ensure that each in-person training package session is as impactful, effective and cost-efficient as possible, so that you feel like you’re getting the most value from each session with your trainer. Whether you’re already utilizing a daily dog walker or have been thinking about hiring one, our “walk and train” service ensures that you and your furry best friend gets the most out of his/her time outside.

Policies & Terms of Service

Our “Walk & Train” sessions are available between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. We’ll take bookings for these sessions by 5pm on Sundays for the upcoming week. We’ll do our best to accommodate last-minute requests, however, we cannot guarantee last-minute availability, as these sessions are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Pictures/videos and detailed reports will be texted/emailed after each session.

We kindly ask that we meet with our human clients after every 5 walks for a package training session so that we can timely and efficiently transfer the skills and behaviors we’ve worked on onto you.

Length & Rates

  • 45 min walk & train: $40.00

  • 60 min walk & train: $50.00