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Our mission is to help you build the most fun, stress-free and rewarding relationship with your furry best friend.

We specialize in providing positive, science-based, simple & effective dog training services, personally-tailored for you, your family, and your dog!

Whether you are a new puppy owner, just adopted a canine companion, or your adult pup needs a skills refresher, we are here to help!

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Why Choose Family Pupz?

  1. Love: Our professional dog trainer LOVES what she does!
  2. Convenience: We work around your life and your busy schedule.
  3. Ease: We come directly to your home.
  4. Flexibility: We can teach you to train your dog, or we can train your dog for you!
  5. Results: We create lasting change.
  6. Speed: Our goal is to have your dog trained in no time!
  7. Peace of Mind: Our certified dog trainer uses only the most up-to-date, positive and science-based training methods.
  8. Reliability: We're always on time, communicative and respectful of your time.
  9. Support: We provide continuous support even after graduation.
  10. Fun: We're always planning fun and exclusive events around town for you and your dog!

How We Can Help

Puppy Pre-School

Puppies go trough a socialization period from about 3 up to 16 weeks of age. This time is extremely important in your puppy’s development because it will shape their future personality and how they react to things in their environment. Gently exposing your puppy to a wide variety of people, places, and situations during this early age makes a huge difference in their life.

Puppy Training

This service aims to set your growing puppy up for success for life at home. We’ll work on potty training and crate training, teaching appropriate chewing behaviors, alone time, recall skills, mastering basic obedience cues, and much much more.

Adult Dog Training

This service is ideal for newly-adopted dogs and dogs who need a refresher on their basic obedience skills. We’ll teach your dog to listen and pay attention to you, master polite behaviors — both inside and out in public, and build a closer relationship through two-way communication between you and your dog.

Doggy Doula Service

We offer private support for expecting families in order to help them prepare their dog for the changes that are bound to occur. We offer positive, practical, and fun solutions that will help integrate and include the family dog in the new household dynamic and routine once the baby arrives. Our goal is to help ease your transition from dog parents to baby parents with a dog.

Dog Training & Support For Families With A Toddler

We offer additional support for families with babies who are soon to be, or already are, crawling or walking. This period of unpredictability can be stressful for the family dog, as the toddler becomes increasingly mobile, vocal, and curious to experience their new world, especially with their hands and their mouths. Our goal is to offer insight and proactive options for some of the common challenges families with dogs experience during this time.

Family Paws Parent Education™ Presentations

Our founder, Tanya Lim, is a certified educator and presenter for the industry’s premier program designed to provide dog training services and support to expecting and new families: Dogs & Storks® and Dogs & Toddlers™, created by the Family Paws Parent Education™.

Tanya is available to provide program overview presentations, both public and private, to expecting, new and adoptive families; medical professional groups; prenatal classes; and other organizations and groups that provide services and support to expecting and new families.

Client Shout-Outs

We have LOVED working with Tanya. She’s responsive and most of all is so supportive of us as new puppy owners! It can be overwhelming, but she always has handouts, articles, tricks and tips to help get us through. I would highly recommend working with Tanya for any new puppy or expecting families (with human babies)! Layla thanks you!!
— Jess & Ben

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