Adult Dog Training

Whether you just adopted a dog, or your adult dog needs to refresh his obedience skills, we’re here to help. The benefits of training your dog are many — provides you with the skills and knowledge on how to deal with common dog behaviors and how to teach your dog basic good manners. Dog training also builds your bond and enriches the relationship with your pup, allowing your dog to be a fully participating member of the family!

Our Sessions Cover:


Basic Manners

Does your dog struggle to understand what you ask of him/her? Learning the basics: “Sit” | “Down” | “Stay” | “Look At Me” will help you build the foundation for successful communication with your dog.

Recall Skills Dog Training Denver Family Pupz

Recall Skills

Does your dog ignore your calls when there is something more interesting? The ability to get your dog to come when called, even in the face of distractions, is one of the most important skills your dog will ever need.

Impulse Control Dog Training Denver Family Pupz

Impulse Control

Does your dog steal food or dash out the door every time it opens? “Leave It” | “Drop It” | “Wait” are excellent exercises that will teach your dog patience and that looking up to you for directions pay off in the long run.

polite greetings dog training Denver family pupz

Polite Greetings

Does you dog jump up on people on the street or on anyone who visits your home? Teaching your dog to sit politely in order to get people’s attention is the way to go.

loose leash walking dog training denver  family pupz

Loose Leash Walking

Does your dog pull ahead and drag you along on the walk? Getting your dog to walk by your side and in-sync with your movements will make your walks much more enjoyable.

Relaxing On a Mat Dog Training Denver Family Pupz

Relaxing On a Mat/Bed

Is your dog overly-enthusiastic and finding it hard to relax? We’ll go over a set of exercises to help teach your dog to self-calm and settle down, no matter what is happening in the environment.

Our Training Philosophy

We use positive, dog-friendly and science-based training techniques. Using positive reinforcement and a clicker as a training tool means that you are capturing, shaping & rewarding the behaviors you like while ignoring and redirecting the behaviors you do not like. You will learn how to use different rewards to teach your dog new behaviors. It is easy and fun for both dog and human alike, and once the basic learning patterns are mastered, you can teach your pup countless behaviors, making your days fun and active.

Service Options

Day Training

We’ll work privately with your dog on a weekly basis in order to provide continuous support and consistency. We’ll meet once a week in order to keep you up to date on the training progress and to transfer the skills onto you based on everything we’ve worked on.

Training With You

Ideal option for the dog owner who wants to be involved in every step along the training process. We’ll work together in order to reach your training goals.

Rates & Packages

Initial Consult: $125/90min

During this visit we’ll learn more about your dog and your short-term & long-term training goals. This will help us recommend a training package & create a personalized training plan that best suits yours and your dog’s needs.

Subsequent sessions (a la carte): $100/60min

We’ll work on the training plan and coach you throughout the process. After each session you’ll receive a short summary & fun homework exercises.

Training Packages

A package is the best way to accomplish your goals. Here are a few of our options:

  • 6 Sessions: $550

  • 9 Sessions: $815

  • 12 Sessions: $1,050

  • 15 Sessions: $1,275

    Disclaimer: The achievement of the defined dog training goals at the end of the purchased number of training sessions can vary based on the client's ability and willingness to consistently implement, incorporate and build upon the tailored training plan prescribed by the trainer into their lives and the lives of their dog(s), as well as on the nature of pre-existing behavioral issue(s) of the dog(s), if any.