Puppy Training

Having a puppy is a rewarding experience, but it also comes with many responsibilities. Puppies need to learn the house rules, how to behave in different situations and how their humans communicate with them. It’s essential to teach your puppy the behaviors and help build the habits that will make life together easy and enjoyable. Our private basic obedience and behavior training sessions are designed to help you and your pup achieve just that.

Our Sessions Cover:

puppy potty training denver family pupz

Potty & Crate Training

Teaching your puppy to potty at the right time and place is one of the most important first steps you can take for a long, happy life together. We’ll work on creating a potty routine, use crate as a management tool and reinforce your puppy for “going” outside.

Puppy Basic Obedience Training Denver Family Pupz

Basic Manners

To start off on the right track with your puppy, he’ll need to know what you expect from him. Learning the basics: “Sit” | “Down” | “Stay” | “Look At Me” | “Hand Target” | “Take It” & Drop It”, etc will help you build the foundation for successful communication with your pooch.

loose leash walking puppy training denver family pupz

Loose Leash Walking

We’ll work on teaching your puppy to walk politely on a loose leash without pulling. This is another foundational skill that will ensure you and your pup enjoy the outside world together.

puppy chew training denver family pupz

Nipping, Biting & Chewing

Mouthing and chewing are completely normal behaviors for growing puppies as they explore the world around. We’ll work on providing your puppy with feedback during play in order to teach them bite inhibition and redirecting his chewing towards appropriate items.

Recall Puppy Training Denver Family Pupz

Recall Skills

There is nothing more gratifying to a puppy owner than a pooch who comes flying as fast as he can in response to the recall cue. We’ll coach you though fun games and effective techniques in order to reinforce and solidify your puppy’s recall skills.

Puppy Socialization Denver Family Pupz

Socialization + Neighborhood Trip

We’ll get to practice your puppy’s manners out and about in order to generalize them in an environment with more distractions. We’ll also make sure to crate positive associations as your puppy experiences the environment for the first time.

Our Training Philosophy

We use positive, dog-friendly and science-based training techniques. Using positive reinforcement and a clicker as a training tool means that you are capturing, shaping & rewarding the behaviors you like while ignoring and redirecting the behaviors you do not like. You will learn how to use different rewards to teach your dog new behaviors. It is easy and fun for both dog and human alike, and once the basic learning patterns are mastered, you can teach your pup countless behaviors, making your days fun and active.

Service Options

Day Training

We’ll work privately with your puppy on a weekly basis in order to provide continuous support and consistency. We’ll meet once a week in order to keep you up to date on the training progress and to transfer the skills onto you based on everything we’ve worked on.

Training With You

Ideal option for the dog owner who wants to be involved in every step along the training process. We’ll work together in order to reach your training goals.

Rates & Packages

Initial Consult: $125/90min

During this visit we’ll learn more about your puppy and your short-term & long-term training goals. This will help us recommend a training package & create a personalized training plan that best suits yours and your puppy’s needs.

Subsequent sessions (a la carte): $100/60min

We’ll work on the training plan and coach you throughout the training process. After each session you’ll receive a short summary & fun homework exercises.

Training Packages

A package is the best way to accomplish your goals. Here are our options:

  • 6 Sessions: $550

  • 9 Sessions: $815

  • 12 Sessions: $1,050

  • 15 Sessions: $1,275

    Disclaimer: The achievement of the defined puppy training goals at the end of the purchased number of training sessions can vary based on the client's ability and willingness to consistently implement, incorporate and build upon the tailored training plan prescribed by the trainer into their lives and the lives of their dog(s), as well as on the nature of pre-existing behavioral issue(s) of the puppy(ies), if any.

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